Best Laptops of CES 2019

Best Laptops of CES 2019

Top 5 laptops that we saw at CES 2019. Today we are going to know about the top five non-gaming laptops of 2019.

Number five, the Asus Studio Book S.

Asus Studio Book S

This is a brand new 17-inch laptop coming out later this year, and not only it is 17 inch which we haven’t seen many of, but it also has a 16 by 10 aspect ratio. It’s also a pretty powerhouse of a laptop with Quadro graphics. Should be really good for those of you who are creators on the go.

Number four: The LG Gram 14 2-in-1.

The LG Gram 14 2-in-1

LG’s been making the Gram series for a few years now but this is their first convertible laptop and boy it is pretty impressive. At two and a half pounds, it’s one of the lightest convertibles out there and it has Inking support as well. Look for this one in early 2019.

Number three: The Huawei Mate book 13.

The Huawei Mate book 13

Best Laptops of CES 2019
Huawei Mate book 13

Huawei’s been on a roll with its Windows laptops which is surprising only cause they’re so new to it. But they look like they’re knocking it out of the park with the Mate book 13. A more budget-friendly version of the Mate Book X Pro which was very popular for 2018. This ultra-thin laptop has a three by two aspect ratio and really nice build quality. Sure it looks like a MacBook, but hey, it runs Windows 10 really well.

Number two: The Lenovo Yoga S940.

The Lenovo Yoga S940

Huawei Mate book 13
Lenovo Yoga S940

Lenovo’s been making some excellent laptops lately and the Yoga S940 is a brand new one. It’s just an Ultrabook so no convertible here and no touchscreen, but look at that ultra-thin bezel and that new notch that they’re doing for the web camera and Windows Hello support. This is an exceptionally light and well-built laptop that I think anyone who needs an Ultrabook will be very excited for.

Finally, number one: The LG Gram 17.

The LG Gram 17

Best Laptops of CES 2019
LG Gram 17

This year at CES we’ve seen a large amount of 17 inch laptops, but the LG Gram, wow. It’s super impressive. At 2.95 pounds or 1.3 kilograms, not only is it just a light laptop, but it’s absurdly light for a 17 inch one. But that 17-inch display is also very good and because of those razor-thin micro-bezels, well this is only the size of a 15-inch laptop. Pricing isn’t too bad either, starting at $1699. It’ll be coming out here in early 2019 and you bet we’ll review it soon. So there’s a quick look at the top five laptops that I found at CES 2019. And did I miss anything? Leave me a comment below and tell me what it is.